Thursday, October 29, 2009


By Malinda Lo

A lesbian Cinderella.

Ash's father has died, and her cruel stepmother makes her life miserable.

Ash dreams that like in the storybooks, fairies might come to steal her away. And then she meets Sidhean, a dark and dangerous fairy. And she thinks her wish might come true.

When she befriends Kaisa, the King's Huntress, Ash's heart starts to change. She starts to fall in love.

But Sidhean has already claimed Ash for his own.

And now Ash has to choose between fairy tale dreams and the woman she loves.

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Thanks to blog reader Elizabeth for reminding me that "Ash" had come out!


Jacqui said...

This is a lovely book. I want to add that I love that the fact that Ash is in love with a woman is (other than that she is promised to a fairy) no big deal in the world of the book. Everyone accepts that some people love women and some love men and some love both and let's all move on.

Sara W.E. said...

This book is beautifully crafted and written. The world that Ash inhabits is dark and lovely and eerie. I loved that it was rooted in fairy tale, but very very much it's own original story.

Elizabeth said...

You're welcome! Glad that I could help! =)
This sounds like an amazing book, and I wanted to make sure that you hadn't mistakenly skipped over it.

Jane said...

I loved the style and the world-building; I also liked the huntress character very much. I felt like the ending was rushed, though. The main character expects other characters to react in a particular way...and apparently they do, but we don't even get to see it! It's as if deciding to stand up for herself was all she needed to do, and the other characters and the faery world just had to go along with that. The rest of the book has secondary characters who act autonomously, often against Ash's expectations, so the end felt particularly wrong. I am glad I read it, though, which I might not have done if I hadn't seen this blog. It's great to know that in YA lit., lesbian stories (or bisexual ones, at least) are being brought out by major publishers.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by this book. I felt like the characters were flat and the plot was weak. There were very few characters that you knew much about, and the author left many plot threads undeveloped trying to fit the Cinderella plot line.

Kay said...

This was a good book -- short, sweet, and lyrical. But unlike Jane, I felt deeply dissatisfied with the world-building. To me, it seemed like the story was perched on an uneasy juxtaposition of Irish, Regency, and generic-fantasy settings.

Still, I liked it, and I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a love story.

rogueanthropologist said...

Lyrical, as Kay said, is a great word to describe Lo's writing. I wrote a longer review of Ash at