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Anonymous said...

"A Melody in Harmony" by Ashley Chunell

Henderson is a small, old-fashioned town. Growing up here proved tough for Noah Nash, as he knew the truth he lived would never be accepted in this town, even by his family. To him, all he had was his keyboard. Until one day, that all changed when Noah met Ronan Shea. Ronan’s confidence, wisdom and pride inspires Noah to finally, happily live his truth for the entire town to see. This is a story of two young men and their journey to a relationship, fighting for equality and listening to their melody while striving to live in harmony.

Published: July 11, 2013

That book also has a sequel coming soon :)

Anonymous said...

hi :) i love books. have you read any from "Zmurbi Librumz"? They are an LGBTQ publishing little company. ( Their newest book "these twenty-two teeny tomes" ( was written specially for kids with rainbow hearts. I would love to see it reviewed here. thanks! :) have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I don’t care for YA as a rule, but read a review of this that intrigued me and had to give it a go. I really enjoyed this story. Very appropriate for the young reader that brings in the fantasy realm with Evil Queens and magic.

We meet 16 year old Blake as he’s been dropped off at a gay conversion camp. He’s never done anything overt besides do some research online but his father monitored his emails and messages and puts him in the camp. If conversion camps bother you, know that the story spends only a short time here and Blake’s experience is mild outside the suicide of the one of the camp members. Blake meets new people including Trent who shows him the ropes of the camp. However Blake finds out something that causes him panic and he tries to escape the camp, Trent hot on his heels, but he falls into a river.

Upon regaining consciousness, Blake finds himself in another world. Called the Dark Side of the Rainbow, it’s a half way point in the afterlife, a place where people who have taken their lives due to their inability to accept their identities go. However the evil White Queen has chained off the area. Arranged in areas named after the colors of the rainbow, no one can leave. The Queen herself is a manifestation of hate and she either converts, destroys, or steals the energy from those here, petrifying them into frozen gray.

Blake is overwhelmed, but he’s a Half-Life, one tied to both worlds and a group takes him in believing the prophesy that a Half-Life can stop the evil queen. His group consists of a mind reader, a cat boy, a dog boy, a vampire, and a warrior among others and it’s a roller coaster ride as the group tries to stay ahead of the queen and figure out how Blake can stop her.

Here on the dark side, people manifest magic based on how their soul perceives them. Blake however is a blank slate. He has no idea what his magic should be, how the world works, and he still struggles with the idea of his identity. Does he want to go back to the real world or stay on the Dark Side? I liked how the author portrayed Blake, he acts much as any other teenager would but when he finally discovers his magic he embraces it with all he’s worth.

A story like this could easily go overboard with the preaching. I never felt it did. There’s symbolism, but the kind that can remain subtle or take a deeper meaning depending on the reader.

Anonymous said...

Good day how do I get hold of some of the books I see on here I would like to read some of them. Pls get back to me teen boy south Africa, . email :

Unknown said...

Hello. I'm a 31 year woman who is straight but who also loves to read LGBT books as I'm a ally of queer people because I volunteer at a LGBT center. I find your teen website is an excellent resource that is split up into categories. I have 2 questions for you: Can you recommend a similar website that is for adults that has lgbt material in novels and set up into categories? Also can you recommend any books with teens with any transgenered parents: I have read happy Families by Tanita S Davis and I like it. Can you also recommend any books with a adult characters who is trans? Thank you1

E H Timms said...

You might want to consider Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett for your list. It's steampunk YA, 2 of the 4 Pov characters are gay, plus there's a minor trans character (ftm)

Anonymous said...

Kind of left field compared to the things normally on your site, but, Queer coloring book?