Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tale of Two Summers

By Brian Sloan

In Brian's words: "Two best friends spend their first summer apart blogging to each other about their separate but equally exciting romantic and sexual adventures. Chuck, the talented one, goes off to summer theatre camp where he proceeds to fall for the sexy female lead of his show. Hal, the less talented one, stays at home in exciting Wheaton, MD learning how to drive and getting busy with a hot French dude he meets at the mall. With a frank and shocking candor, these two 15 year-olds going on 20 debate their differences, consider their similarities, and push their decade long friendship to the breaking point during a summer that neither of them will soon forget."

Nicely put, Brian! Man, distilling your book down to a great paragraph like that is so hard to do!

"Tale of Two Summers" is a Lambda Literary 2006 Award Finalist!

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Anonymous said...

before i read this book, i had my doubt, because its written as a series of blog posts, rather than dialogue, which i prefer reading. but I was pleasantly surprised that this book worked out well with blog posts, and i wouldn't have wanted it written any other way :)
the characters are also realistic, and i could really feel the bond between hal and chuck.
all in all, it was a good book to read.