Wednesday, October 24, 2007

M or F ?

By Lisa Papademetriou

Girl likes Boy. Girl can't bring herself to talk to him, even online. Girl gets Best-Gay-Boy-Pal to chat on-line with Boy, pretending to be her. Best-Gay-Boy-Pal starts to think Boy likes HIM...

Cyrano De Bergerac, anyone?

Here's the gay spin on it... in High School! What fun!

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Anonymous said...

i read this just after reading Cyrano in french class (in french) and was totally excited.

and i cant sugar coat that it left me wanting more, but in a bad way. I wished there was more wit ike the novel it was pastiche-ing (i think i made that up), more from the promising characters, more from the promising love interests...i just felt like the novel was all potential and not enough delivery