Friday, October 26, 2007

The Year They Burned The Books

By Nancy Garden

Jaime's high school starts distributing condoms. She's the editor of the school newspaper, and when she writes an editorial in favor of the new policy, it's incendiary!

A growing free-speech battle takes over the town.

School library books are burned.

That and her own confusion over her attraction to Tessa make Jamie's Year They Burned the Books violent, controversial, and life-changing.

"The Year They Burned the Books" was a 1999 Lambda Literary Award Finalist, and is particularly fascinating because the author, Nancy Garden, has actually had HER books burned - in real life! (That book was "Annie On My Mind.")

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Anonymous said...

Relocated review by "Anonymous" on 4/29/09

"Hey, love the blog. Just wanted to tell you about an awesome book; The Year They Burned The Books. It is a joy to read; thought-provoking and well written."

Anonymous said...

Absolutley LOVE this book!

Morgan said...

This book was AMAZING! It defintley exceded by exceptations by leaps and bounds.