Monday, November 19, 2007

The First Gay Science Fiction Story EVER!

How cool is Today's Bitchin' Queer Quote...

"True History," by the Greek writer Lucian (A.D. 120-185) is the First Gay Science Fiction Story EVER!

On a voyage into the Atlantic, the narrator is suddenly enveloped by a typhoon, which sweeps him up to the moon. Earth's satellite is inhabited by men only, and is engaged in a war with the sun. After distinguishing himself in combat, the hero returns to the moon, where the king magnanimously gives him his son the prince in marriage.


The all male society reproduces (male children only) by giving birth from the thigh or by growing a child from a plant produced by planting the left testicle in the moon's soil.
Crazy! Fascinating! It's more than 2100 years old - and I wanna read this!

I found out about this on page 95 in the amazing "The First Gay Pope and other records" by Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher. There was a little more detail about it in the article "Lucian" by William A. Percy in the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, pg. 752.


Disco Mermaids said...

I'm not sure which is worse, giving birth from the thigh or planting a testicle.


- Jay

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Jay, funny and true - but you have to love the "poetry" of making childbirth painful for guys, too! YIKES!


Unknown said...

Wowee wow wow.

And ow.

Anonymous said...

i read that tale years ago and was facinated by it and when it was writen, I came upon a very nice novel called Sodom's x a song for the end by K.R.COLUMBUS a nice sci-fi novel with religios overtones. Mind you it has more than 2 gay fat characters in it and they are all unique including a girl.
check the plot - As predicted by Isaac Newton the second coming happened and as the world waited to see what was about to happen an appointed man was sent to meet God, hours later God had vanished and the man came out immortal; no apocalypse, no destruction and no salvation. This gave birth to a chain of holy wars that almost chattered Earth's civilizations and so giving birth to a mass colonization of planets to ensure peace by separation. Thousands of years later all was at peace by until Endings were born; humans connected to their planets in such a way that they are capable of destroying them should they wish it. Now Earth's Ending has been born and the day to pass judgment draws near.
it can be found here

Apart from that it is very hard to find gay stuff anywhere