Saturday, November 10, 2007

Perry Moore in PEOPLE Magazine - Gay, Proud, and a "Hero!"


I can barely sleep, I'm so excited about this:

Check out this week's PEOPLE Magazine (issue dated November 19, 2007), pg. 121, for who's the "SEXY MAN OF THE WEEK."

It's PERRY MOORE, author of "HERO," The Gay Teen Superhero book (that I'm loving reading.)

What blows my mind is such a mainstream (read: straight) magazine, with all these celebrity's private lives splashed across its cover and pages, (the Cover's on Owen Wilson) would have a GAY MAN as the "SEXY MAN OF THE WEEK."

And not just a mention of his being gay - and partnered for 13 years - Go Perry! But the QUESTIONS the interviewer (Thank you, Melody S. Wells!) asks him are about ROMANCE! GAY ROMANCE!

Things like asking Perry:






And his answers, including

"SEA OF LOVE: I would love to see two guys meet in the surfing lineup."

Think about it.

PEOPLE Magazine. It's everywhere. WalMarts. Red States. Convenience Stores. Libraries! 3,750,000 copies of this issue that could get into the hands of GLBTQ Teens across the country... and the world!

Okay, this is HUGE!

And I love that the feature on him isn't about his being Gay as opposed to his being straight, it's about his being SEXY, and about his answers to LOVE questions - all of which are about a guy finding love with another guy!

You know, that annoying feeling I always get when the ADVOCATE (The LGBT News Magazine) features yet another Straight actor or actress who's playing a Queer role? (The current issue has Cate Blanchette on the cover, who "Tops our 2007 list of Coolest Straight People")

Well, having Perry Moore in PEOPLE answering GAY ROMANCE questions helps me feel a lot better about sharing!

Thank you and congratulations to PEOPLE Magazine, for seeing that the world is changing, that Gay Men can be SEXY to everyone, and for being part of that change.

Thank you and congratulations to Perry Moore, for being HONEST and yourself and for standing up as Gay and Sexy and the author of a Gay Teen Novel (and as a surfer, too!)

And Congratulations to all of us for being part of this shifting landscape -

Acceptance. Inclusion. Celebration!

Okay, and I haven't even gotten the chance to rave about the fact that Perry's amazing book, "HERO," about a gay Teen with superhero powers, is plugged in the feature on him, right up top (next to the surfboard!)

Teen books with Gay characters - in PEOPLE! That's AMAZING!

Okay, I'm going to go do a little happy dance, now.


Have a great weekend, everyone!




Anonymous said...

Good to see more mainstream acceptance of the GLBTQ community. Hope to see even more progress on the state and federal levels.

I'm having a blast reading Hero right now though the book makes me feel awfully nebbishy (my publisher's releasing my novel next year). I keep thinking, "Holy cow, Batman, I can't measure up to this!"

Rita said...

That's awesome!!

That is so awesome.

I am really excited to read Hero.

J.H. Trumble said...

HERO is an awesome novel! I finished it a week ago and purchased a copy for my junior high library. Just completed my own debut novel, too. Thanks Perry for making me feel so inadequate..LOL! Gotta get a copy of People. Must know that seduction secret!!