Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Side Of The Story

By Will Davis

16 year old Jaz (Jarold was his birth name) is British, Gay, and bitter - and he doesn't really care if you, the reader, like him.

His family's a mess (the family therapy sessions aren't helping), he's outed at his English school, and the guy he likes is too old (at 22) to be interested in a teenager.

"My Side Of The Story" won the 2007 Society of Authors' Betty Trask Prize for a first novel by a writer under 35. (the Prize was 10,000 British Pounds! Go, Will!)

And here's something really cool:

Jaz (the character) has his own MYSPACE page. Really. Check it out here. And so does his best gal-pal, Al (that's for "Alice.") Hmmm. I wonder if all 31 of their myspace "friends" know they're fictional...

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Daniel said...

Very good book, written convincingly as a gay teenager. If you watched 'Queer as Folk' (the UK or US version) certain aspects will seem familiar to you, but not too much that this is just a novelisation. It doesn't shy away from difficult topics, but doesn't glamourise sex and drugs.

Overall, a good read.