Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sugar Rush

By Julie Burchill

When her Mother runs off with a younger man, Kim has to leave her posh private academy and attend the rougher local school.

There she's befriended by Maria Sweet, the Top "bad girl." Kim tries to see how good it might be to be bad...

And realizes she's falling for Maria!

This book spun off into a TV series in England, following Teenage Kim's Life, Loves, and Lusts - which you have to admit sounds pretty cool!

Julie also wrote a sequel, "Sweet," which takes place 3 years after "Sugar Rush." It follows Maria, who's been married, had a daughter, spent time in jail, and is now re-making her life... I'm not sure "Sweet" is exactly YA, but everybody grows up, and it's fun to know that if you fall in love with the characters in "Sugar Rush," there's more about them out there to love...

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