Thursday, February 21, 2008

7 Days At The Hot Corner

By Terry Trueman

Scott is 18, a senior, and lives for his role as third baseman on the High School baseball team. That position is called the "Hot Corner" because anything can happen there and you have to be ready for it.

Things get crazy for Scott when he learns that his best friend Travis is gay. Scott freaks out, thinking that a batting cage accident where he got his friend's blood on his hands might mean he himself got infected with HIV. When Travis' parents kick him out of their house for being gay, Scott's father lets his friend stay with them.

Then the school newspaper publishes an article on "Coming Out." Now Scott's whole life seems to be the "Hot Corner!"

With the All-city high school baseball tournament approaching, Scott has 7 days to figure out how to handle it all.

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Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Matt left this comment on Oct 11, 2010:

"this book [expletive deleted] sucks"

I didn't let the comment through intact, because I'm working hard to keep this site a safe space for everyone - including the pre-teens who come here!

But I didn't want to just delete the comment without passing along that this reader didn't enjoy the book - after all, I think that reader reviews can be really useful.

I wish there had been a way to follow up with Matt - I'd like to know what didn't work for him about "7 Days At the Hot Corner." I would also have asked him to re-submit his review without the f-bomb.

Since I didn't have that, this is my compromise.