Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LOVE IS... The Train Station Good-bye Cliche - but OUR Cliche, this time.

On the platform we kissed, damn them all; we kissed, and we said, "See you," and then I got on the train, and he stood there for a moment, a tall, black knight in shining armor, and then he gave me a half smile and half a bow, and he ran up the stairs two at a time, turned at the top and waved, and that was the last I ever saw of him.

But it is still all there in my memory, the brightest memory of them all.

- Merle Miller, from What Happened

This Love-Cliche-Made-Ours Theme goes perfectly with this amazing photo of two sailors kissing (a reference to the famous end-of-WWII Times Square soldier-kissing-nurse photo), photographed by David Lachapelle for Diesel in 1994.

LOVE IS... Like this, too.


This quote is from pg. 52 of "In Your Eyes: Quotations on Gay Love" edited by Richard Derus

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