Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Simon Says

By Elaine Marie Alphin

Charles is 16, he's a serious artist, and he's sick of playing games.

He transfers to a boarding High School for artists to meet Graeme, a Teenager who wrote a book all about the "Simon Says" games that people play. He's sure Graeme will help him figure out how to balance being an artist and living life.

The guys' connection with each other is intense, but (in the words of the author:)

"...in his effort to find a way to be true to himself, Charles becomes caught in a tragic game of Simon Says that will ultimately leave one student dead."

Elaine originally wrote this book when she was in college. It took another 25 years (and publishing loads of other great books) before she re-worked this one and had it published. Now that's perseverance!

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