Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Better Place

By Mark Roeder

Casper is poor, bullied, and his life is a hell.

Brendan's rich, the captain of their High School football team, and his life seems perfect... except for one thing.

These two gay high schoolers come from two different worlds, but they share the same desire.

And despite everything (and everyone) that tries to keep them apart, they hope to get to "A Better Place."

"A Better Place" is a work of passion that Mark published himself. It's the fourth book he suggests reading in his THE GAY YOUTH CHRONICLES series. Most of the novels in the series take place in small-town Verona, Indiana, over a few decades and some characters overlap from one book to another.

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Anonymous said...

This book was amazing. I have read it more than once and will keep rereading it. I have and will continue to share it with all my friends. Thanks for the post!