Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who Framed Lorenzo Garcia? (Pride Pack #1)

by R. J. Hamilton

In the spirit of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, here's a middle grade mystery where the heroes are a group of friends who've met at the local Gay and Lesbian Center!

16 year old Ramon had been living on the street, kicked out of his house for being gay. But things are looking up. He's been taken in by Lorenzo Garcia, a gay cop who wants to adopt him. But when Lorenzo is framed on drug charges, Ramon's life falls apart - and the only ones who can figure out what's going on are Ramon and his friends...

And as the very "pulp" back jacket reads:

As the clock runs down, they must make sense from the thinnest of clues. And a deadly trap awaits as they seek to discover Who Framed Lorenzo Garcia?

While "Who Framed Lorenzo Garcia?" (the first in the two book series) is out of print, you can still track down copies - I did. And anyway, it's cool to know about.

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Ruth Sims said...

Hello! Finding this post was a pleasant surprise.

Writing as R.J. Hamilton I was the author of The Pride Pack. Four books were written but only two made it into print because Sasha Alyson, whose concept it was, sold Alyson Publications. The new owners dropped the whole idea without ever giving it a chance. The first two books were written to his outline, the first and only time I've ever written to someone else's ideas.

I'm still writing gay fiction, though not YA.

If you're looking specifically for YA stories, I recommend "The Filly" by Mark Probst? And also "Vintage" by Steve Berman.
"Vintage" is pretty dark and convincingly creepy. "The Filly" not so much. They're both very good.

Happy reading!
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Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

How great to hear from you! thanks for letting us all know about the context for the series and that YOU wrote it!

Rita said...

This sounds like an awesome premise! I'm hooked! I'm going to look up a copy right away!

Finding author feedback in the comments was just bonus. :D