Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrate Transgender Poetry! Aaron Shurin's "Woman on Fire"


Using these words
not to belittle women
not to mock them.
Not to speak about women at all;

to speak of ourselves.
Unnamed regions -
rose-pink and rust-fire --
beyond the stern
and arrogant borders of manhood.

A shortage of terms, perhaps.
language caught
in the vice of opposites, of only
two, so that what is not
man in us
we call woman.

From "Woman on Fire" by Aaron Shurin.

I found this amazing poem that explores gender expression on page 85 of the mind-blowing "Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds" by Judy Grahn.

What are some of your favorite Transgender and Gender Expression poems that we can celebrate?

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