Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saints Of Augustine

By P. E. Ryan

Charlie and Sam are both 16. They used to be best friends, until one day Sam ended their friendship - no explanations.

Now it's summer in Florida, and they're both struggling.

Charlie's not dealing with the death of his Mom, instead he's smoking a lot of pot and is in serious debt with his dealer.

Sam's freaked out about his Dad being gay - and trying to figure out whether he might be gay as well.

When their solo struggles hit full crisis mode, the guys come back to each other, needing their friendship more than ever.

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Anonymous said...

i read this book in one night in a malta at a homestay, the girl i was rooming with said a client of her fathers wrote it, and thought she might like it...i had no idea it even centered on gay themes, and when i finished it i wished there were a sequel! I loved that the angst was there, but not in the common "gay dealing with hate from parents/schoolmates/government". The story was bittersweet and simple, easy to read, easy to digest, completely original, completely familar and highly recommended