Monday, June 16, 2008

Countdown to Gay Marriage in California - Our Love Gets Some Respect, back in 100 B.C., and Tomorrow, too!

The Roman poet Juvenal wrote this, almost 2000 years ago:

"Tomorrow with dawn I must attend
In yonder vale." "What for?" "Why ask? A
Takes him a husband there and bids a few
Be present." Wait awhile and we shall view
Such contracts formed without shame or fear
And entered on the records of the year.

A friend takes him a husband there and bids a few Be present. Wow.

That resonates through the centuries to right now, doesn't it?

Same Sex marriage licenses are available TOMORROW, Tuesday June 17th, 2008, here in the state of California, on the west coast of the United States of America!

It only took us one thousand nine hundred-some years to catch up with the Ancient Romans, who knew this TRUTH of humanity:

Sometimes love, once found and cherished, needs to be vowed, witnessed, celebrated and respected.

It will be nice to have my love get a little (or maybe better said, a more equal share) of respect.

(Go ahead and cue Aretha Franklin singing "Respect" here in your mind, would ya?)

Or better yet, click on this to jumpstart the party:

Hope you can join me (and all the rest of the same-sex loving couples who plan to get married in California) in Singing and Dancing to the Countdown!

Because after all, more human rights for one, means more human rights for all!



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Sara Wilson Etienne said...

Nothing I can think of to say gives enough weight to the toe tapping, hips wiggling, hair flailing feeling of celebration I am having right along with you! So I'll just go with....