Friday, June 13, 2008

So Super Duper

By Brian Anderson

Psyche doesn't really fit in with his super-powerful super-hero teammates.

Captain Idol, Halo, Sass, Briar, and Tink all have amazing super-powers, yet all Psyche can do is kind of tell (empathically) when something evil is rampaging the city. But, he likes the perks of being famous without having to break a sweat, so it works for him.

One super hero day, Psyche's forced to help fight a monster and he totally wimps out. Halo wants to kick him off the team, but Pysche's agent (who can't pronounce his name) has a plan to save him - by having Psyche come out so they can publicize the team's "diversity."

Psyche has no idea what his agent is talking about. Come out?

It turns out everyone (but him and his best gal pal) knows he is so - totally - gay.

Psyche's adventures continue in (so far) four issues of this gay comic. Besides figuring out his own identity and powers, there's the tension with his superhero teammates (especially Halo, who hates him), the nail biting death of one of the team, and a possible love-interest for Pysche in the guy half of a wonder twin bro and sis team, the hunky Comet...

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