Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wide Awake

By David Levithan

In a Future America, a Gay Jewish man is elected President of the United States.

But, the Governor of Kansas contests the election outcome, calling some votes "invalid," so he can change the results in his state. That would mean his party's candidate would win not just Kansas, but the White House as well!

Well, Duncan (17) and his boyfriend Jimmy decide they won't stand for it, and they join the countless others descending on Kansas for the demonstrations and protests.

It's a journey that changes them, their love, and America... forever.

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Rik said...

I've read this book twice, once for pleasure and then again for a government class. I loved it. Though I was first attracted to the book for the topic of a gay president, I really fell for it for all the hardships that not only the main character faces with his family, his boyfriend, his friends, the world and his country's ideologies about his homosexuality, but also because of his stance on politics. There's a solid subplot involving his two near inseparable lesbian friends, which I also found to be very engaging and realistically portrayed.

I'd definitely recommend this book to any liberal, gay, or supportive person.