Monday, June 30, 2008

The World Is Changing - Part 1: The Gay Kiss To Sell Mayonnaise

Well, just as most of us have pretty much stopped watching commercials due to Tivo and other DVR powers to "bloop-bloop-bloop" past them, companies are using the "controversy" of advertising characters being gay to get people to pay some attention to their ads and products.

Like this "banned" commercial for Heinz Mayonnaise:

This is from one of the articles about the ad and it being pulled from the air:
(from June 24, 2008 - in London's "Times" Newspaper) :

A mayonnaise ad that shows two men kissing has been withdrawn from television after 200 viewers complained that it was offensive.

Heinz, which makes the New York Deli Mayo featured in the commercial, pulled the advertisement less than a week into its expected five week run, in response to the criticism.

Viewers told the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the ad was inappropriate and unsuitable for children to see. The ASA has not yet decided whether to launch an investigation.

Heinz apologised for any offence caused.

"It is our policy to listen to consumers. We recognise that some consumers raised concerns over the content of the ad and this prompted our decision to withdraw it," said Nigel Dickie, director of corporate affairs for Heinz UK.

"The advertisement, part of a short-run campaign, was intended to be humorous and we apologise to anyone who felt offended."

It's silly, with the kids calling their other Dad "Mum", it's 30 seconds of "use our fancy Mayonnaise and your kids' lunches will be just like out of a New York Deli" - and inclusive, in that they're showing a two Dad family.

It's irreverent - with another interpretation of it - in that it's 30 seconds of "use our fancy Mayonnaise and your wife (your kids' mother) will magically turn into a New York Deli GUY."

And then they have the gay kiss that, OF COURSE, the idiot pundits for the right took as bait and then protested and got the ad "banned."

I wonder if it's possible that maybe MORE people saw this ad on youtube BECAUSE of the "controversy" than would have ever seen it on British TV because the tivo remote was hidden under a couch cushion or they were stuck in a full body cast and couldn't avoid the commericals...

Frankly, look how many Americans and other people all over the world are watching it now... And let's be real. 200 people complaining? That's not such a huge number - not when you consider that on just 12 youtube posts the commercial has been viewed over 620,000 times in the last week!

In fact, I wonder if the advertising strategy was EVER to be have this commercial seen on TV? Maybe they were expecting it to be banned, and hoped for the "controversy" as their original game plan?

Either way, it's a fun commercial, makes Heinz look like a "hip" brand, and does show, in its own way, and despite it being pulled, that the world IS changing.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, makes me want to go out and buy some mayonnaise!

Anonymous said...

Poetic justice rocks. :)