Monday, July 7, 2008

The New Kid

By Eliot Schrefer

15 year old Humphrey isn't very good at being "the new Kid" in school, but his Dad's a loser and his Mom's a frustrated actress who waits tables to keep the family afloat, so Humphrey's constantly being moved. This time in Florida, when he tries to make some headway on having friends, he miscalculates a relationship and gets beaten up.

Meanwhile, while Humphrey's recovering in the hospital, his older sister Gretchen discovers she isn't very good at being dumped - She follows her rich ex-boyfriend to Rome, and manages to stay the summer with his parents, the Lansings.

Hearing of Humphrey's troubles, The Lansings invite him to join them for the summer, too.

And while the rich adults pay for everything material, the two poor siblings find themselves paying in different currency as they become more and more sexually and emotionally entangled in the Lansing's web of dysfunction.

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