Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shockproof Sydney Skate

By Marijane Meaker, a.k.a. M. E. Kerr

Sydney doesn't think anything can shock him.

After all, it's the 1970s. His Mom's a lesbian, and while he doesn't let on to her that he knows, he knows a lot about her and her girlfriends.

He works at a pet store taking care of snakes, and on top of that he's memorized the sex scenes in all the books he's ever read to help him seduce women.

So nothing can shock him - right? Uh, there is one thing Sydney's not prepared for: When his Mom seduces the girl of HIS dreams!

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Professor Tech said...

vywslIt's a pity nobody seems to read or know of this book any more. I read it in the early 70's and it opened up an understanding of the confusing convoluted universe that people outside the "normal" universe hav to deal with. I truly think that it's still worth a look at even beyond being an example of a snapshot of an era. Considering I read it in 8th grade I guess it says something about the universe I was living in then.