Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers

By Joe Babcock

Erick is 16, stuck in a Catholic high school, and desperate to break OUT. He meets a 26 year old drag queen and decides that, like her, he'll find his fame (and his place in the world) as a fabulous drag persona, and so he re-invents himself as "Miss Geneva Flowers."

But, dropping out of school, running away, living with a 26 year old, getting addicted to drugs, and making bad relationship choices make Erick's life far from a comedy.

But can a real boyfriend help Erick turn "The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers" around?

It's interesting to note that Joe original self-published this, his debut novel. It was subsequently picked up by Carroll & Graf publishers, and is considered a "self-publishing success story."

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