Friday, August 15, 2008

BEJING's OLYMPIC-SIZED CLOSET: If they're not coming OUT, what's going ON?

Huānhuan is a male mascot of 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. It is the Olympic flame and it represents the red Olympic ring. Both for the element and for the actual Fengshui element, Huānhuan always represent the fire. Its personality is extrovert and enthusiastic, and it is the passion. It is the mascot for the ball sports. Huanhuan represents the passion of sports, the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger", and the passion of the Beijing Olympics. Huanhuan's headgear comes from a fire design in the Mogao Caves, the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes.

[grammar woes taken intact from the wikipedia site...]

WHERE IS THE PASSION for being true to ourselves that this cute little cartoon animal mascot should be representing as well?

WHERE are all the GLBTQ Athletes???

Besides the 11 we lauded yesterday, do the math. Conservative 10% estimate...

There are AT LEAST 1,102 GLBTQ Athletes at the XXIX Summer Olympics.

minus the 11 who are OUT,

that leaves 1,091 Closeted Athletes at the Bejing XXIX Summer Olympics.


Well, to answer that, it's SURVEY time once again here at "I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?"

There are lots of theories out there and in the news, but it's time to hear what YOU, my blogreaders, think.


The Bejing's Olympic-Sized Closet survey is open now.

Click Here to take survey

I'll post results next Friday, giving you all one week.

I apologize, but I can only tabulate the first 100 responses, so if you want your vote to count, please jump on it now!

I promise it'll be quick and fun.

And of course, if you have more to say, you can always share in the "comment" section here.

Thanks for being part of this!



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