Monday, August 11, 2008

Dance On My Grave

By Aidan Chambers

It was summer.

Hal was 16, and fell in love - his first love - with Barry.

In the heat of their passion, Barry made Hal promise that, "If I die first you dance on my grave."

Tragically, Barry did die not long after that in a motorcycle accident.

Now Hal is piecing together his memories of the love they had, and trying to figure out how he can ever move on. And how in the world is he going to keep his promise? His promise... to dance on his lover's - his first love's - grave.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't like stories with the plot of "Two people fall in love and one of them dies," but Grave is good 1) because it is Aidan Chambers, and 2) because it actually shows Hal moving on and becoming a decent human being. I would still rather recommend Chambers' "This is All," featuring a gay best friend, who I like better than Hal.