Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Family Book

By Todd Parr

Continuing my celebration of picturebooks my inner 5 year old loves, "The Family Book" by Todd Parr is exuberant and inclusive, with bold color-blocked graffiti-esque illustrations and a simple rhythm of statements about how many different ways there are to be a family.

Some families look alike.

Some families look like their pets.

Some families adopt children.

Some families have two mom or two dads.

All families like to hug each other!

"The Family Book" is awesome in springboarding discussions with kids about all kinds of families. It is a goldmine of inclusiveness, and I wish it could be read by everyone!

Thanks, Todd!

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Korianne said...

You may also want to add that this book while not part of a series, is one of may books by Todd that promotes being different. Some I love are:
We Belong Together: A book about Adoption and Families

It's Okay to Be Different

This is my Hair


The Peace Book.