Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What They Always Tell Us

By Martin Wilson

Two brothers, James and Alex, have nothing in common except they're both in the same high school in Alabama.

James is a senior, super popular, and straight.

Alex is a junior, an outcast, and gay.

But two shared friends make this the year that everything changes...

It's fun to note that this is a Debut novel by Martin!

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this book and found it entirely great. The set-up is reminiscent of "Saints of Augustine" or "Tale of Two Summers" in that one young guy is trying (and sometimes failing) to figure out his gay counterpart.

Wilson's great strength, I think, comes in his treatment of the brothers' bond: they're so close that James, the elder, sees Alex's suicide attempt as a reflection on himself. The two come together in their concern for a young neighbor kid who seems a little lost and brotherless.

It's wisely and movingly written, and it gets Wilson an automatic read from me on his future books. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I just finished this book and i LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!

i was so glad that the plot didnt revolve around the characters slowy learning and accepting that they were gay. Alex just so happens to be in love with Nathen. The plot really revolves around the brothers and that makes this novel very REAL. The dialogue and situations were realistic and believable and the angst that Alex felt was never blamed on being gay, just the feelings that all of us have from time to time when we no longer connect with our best friends

what a great book! hightly recommend it