Wednesday, September 10, 2008


By Larry Duplechan

Johnnie Ray Rousseau is 17 and a half. He's a senior in High School, growing up in a small town north of Los Angeles, and he has a secret - guys turn him on.

At an acting audition he meets the older (24) and white hottie Marshall - and that's the catalyst for a year of love, tests, and ultimately - Johnnie claiming his truth.

First published in 1986, and re-released in 2006, "Blackbird" is one of the first coming out novels where the Gay guy coming out is African American! It's also the author's favorite of all his own books...

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emily said...

this book is absolutley wonderful! i loved reading the whole thing, and when i read it the first time, i couldnt put it down until i was done! i strongly recomend this book to everyone! [: