Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gift #2: Your Mission

Okay, that sounds pretty heady, but go with me on this.


Get out a piece of paper and a pen, and try this exercise. It'll take less than five minutes, and it's really powerful.

Write down three people, real or imaginary, who are your heroes.

Got them?

Then list three qualities you admire in each one, such as courage or superpowers, deep wisdom or great sacrifice for humanity.

Look at your list. Do you know what those nine qualities are?

They are a mission from the mythic level. Your soul wants you to perform this mission in your lifetime by displaying the qualities you listed. Since they come from the mythic level, each one is in you, planted like a seed for the future.

As the years unfold you will be given opportunities to learn each quality. People who admire courage are magnetized to situations that require bravery. People who admire wisdom will be magnetized to completely different situations. Never fear, your soul isn't going to forget your mission.

And what about superheroes with supernormal powers? Every kid admires them, because what they stand for isn't flying or turning invisible. They stand for freedom. A supernormal power is like a hint from the soul that you are more than human - you are a free spirit.

If you want to love yourself, grasp every opportunity for growing into your own hero.

We were born to be the heroes of our own story.

That's it. Gift #2. Your mission. And the knowledge that YOU are the hero (or the heroine) of YOUR own story.

This amazing exercise is by Deepak Chopra, from his really great book "Fire in the Heart: A Spiritual Guide For Teens," on pgs. 127-128

Check it out.

And my fellow heroes and heroines - good luck on your missions! (But this message will not self-destruct!)



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Rita said...

Thank you, Lee. This is absolutely splendid.

I've been meaning to look up Deepak Chopra for a long time!!