Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gift #3: Dance Like No One Is Watching

Me: "Where's the party?"

My Daughter: "Here."

Me: "Why's the party here?"

My Daughter: "'Cause we're here!"

Smart kid!

Be the party. And remember, like the lyric from the great song, "Unspeakable Joy," if they did not give it, they cannot take it away!

Go ahead, and Dance like no one is watching!
(I won't look, I promise)

But look what amazing things happen when you dance for yourself!

Suddenly, you find you're Dancing with the world!

We are the party... And we get to enjoy that every day of our lives!



ps- I do try to not repeat things on this blogsite, but these three songs (two of them videos) are so full of joy for me, and are so much the soundtrack to my party, that I had to include them here in this blog-birthday celebration!

I hope you enjoyed them again with me.

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Anonymous said...

I visited from your post at kidlit yahoo, Lee and am so glad i did. Great songs, great posts, great party! Thanks for sharing.
Susan in Australia