Friday, September 19, 2008

Gift #4: A Way To Heal Our World, One Spoonful At A Time

I stumbled upon this old Buddist allegory the other day, and it's so beautiful and profound that I can't get it out of my mind:

"Life is like a banquet where everyone is sitting around and starving. The table is piled high with lavish food, but nobody can eat anything... because their only utensil is a spoon that's three feet long, and they're required to hold it by the handle, so they can't reach their own mouths with the bowl!

As death by starvation approaches, someone gets smart and realizes that she can feed her neighbor, and her neighbor will respond in kind. Thus the deadlock is broken and everyone can feast."

Think about it.

How can you feed your neighbor?

Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves, we forget that by helping others, we can truly become the people we are meant to be.

Sometimes, feeding your neighbor (translation from the metaphor: doing something kind for someone else)

is the best way to be fed yourself (translation: you'll feel great, make a friend (or build on an existing friendship), and have your soul nourished!)

Try it.

Do one kind thing over this weekend.

One spoonful of something for someone else.

And see where it takes you.

And we'll see... where it takes the world!

Thanks for celebrating my blog-a-versary all week with me.



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I like to find my self in similar situations. Hooking one friend or acquaintance up with another, so that they can be productive on the same page. Funny though if one has to ask first, it is met with resistance. Give first...!