Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gift#1: Happily Ever After is for Us, Too! Luke and Noah's Happily Ever After Kiss...

How this would have ROCKED my world to see when I was a teenager:

Frankly, it kinda rocks my world now!

This made me so happy, I had to share...

Happily Ever After is for ALL of us:







straight allies...

And knowing that each of us is worthy and capable of getting to that happy ending is probably the best gift around!

So when you walk around today, know how worthy of joy and love you are, and keep a smile on your lips...



ps- Luke and Noah are from the daytime Soap Opera "As The World Turns"


Anonymous said...

What, so quick???? That was a half-second kiss! I feel cheated! :D Kidding, kidding. Oh, and it's subtitled in French. Talk about the language of romance. Swoon.

There was a flap a while ago about Luke and Noah, i.e., that a number of soap opera fans (women) demanded to see another on-screen kiss from them. Petitions and stuff exploded up and down my friends list at Livejournal, and I've no idea what happened to it. It just kind of died.

Know anything about what happened afterward?

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Hayden!
Yeah, I remember something about that - like they were tracking how LONG it had been since the last kiss... I guess that kind of pressure helped, or they just decided to finally "goose" the guys' story-line along!
I have to admit, the French subtitles DID make it a bit more "swoony" for me, too!
It's great, isn't it? I'm gonna go watch it again now...

ReadWriteGo said...

Pretty...and far too short! If I watched the show I imagine I would have been right there petitioning.