Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girl From Mars

By Tamara Bach, Translated by Shelley Tanaka

Originally written in Tamara's native German, "Girl From Mars" is about 15 year old Miriam, who's bored with everything in her small town life.

Then a new classmate, Laura, comes into her orbit and suddenly her world is rocked. Miriam finds herself lying to friends, avoiding questions from her family, and second guessing herself - suddenly, with falling in love, Miriam's life is pretty interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this book. It looked very interesting, and was a good read until the last 15 pages or so- the ending seemed very random, strange, and hasty. I would recommend it if not for the conclusion; however, those last few pages really ruined it for me.

Stonelions said...

I have to echo the first comment. I read this book several months ago, and was pleasantly surprised with it up until the sudden, borderline non sequitur conclusion. Very off-putting, and a real shame, since it could have been a pretty solid little read otherwise.

Don't waste your time with this story unless you enjoy being frustrated by your fiction.