Monday, September 8, 2008


By Pat Schmatz, illustrated by Bill Hauser

Maxie's always doodled. In fact, years ago she had a friend Rick who'd come up with crazy inventions and Maxie would draw them out...

But something horrible happened to Rick and he disappeared.

Suddenly, Rick shows up in Maxie's high school Chemistry Class! Is he the same person she knew? Or is he... different?

Set in a brutally homophobic high school, Maxie's story is illustrated with sketches and comics from her notebook - as through her art she tries to work through the struggles and choices that may just turn out to be life or death...

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Anonymous said...

What I particularly liked about this book with how it played with expectations, leading the reader to buy into stereotypes and then be startled whenever they were subverted -- which was frequently! It also was much darker than the illustration style and introductory chapter led me to believe.