Friday, October 17, 2008

BLOG THE VOTE! Another Reason To Vote: PROP 8 in California - A Majority Vote On Adding Discrimination Into the CA Constitution

I feel like I could write a really long post about the unfairness of the majority "approval" vote coming up in California to take away same-gender couples' right to marry. (To take away MY marriage's legal status.) But this video says it better (and funnier) than I can.

Check it out:

Oh, and VOTE!

To get involved with "Blog The Vote" - where kid and adult lit bloggers blog about WHY it's so important to Vote on Nov 4, 2008, send an email with a url for your blog post to one of the three of us:

me leewind(at)roadrunner(dot)com

Colleen Mondor over at Chasing Ray colleen(at)chasingray(dot)com

Gregory K. over at Gotta Book blogthevote(at)gmail(dot)com

Colleen will be compiling a master list of posts - we'll pull a great quote from each one of your posts and add it with a link to the list.

Make sure you keep it nice - this is not the place for partisan mean-ness. (Anyone overstepping that guideline will not be included.)

Also, at the bottom of YOUR post, please include a link back to the master list over at chasingray (Colleen will have the master list up on Sunday, Nov 2, so it'll be easy to find.)

We hope you join in!



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