Monday, October 27, 2008

GSA Monday Topic: Just in Time For Halloween - MASKS!

So Halloween is all about Masks - about dressing up, pretending to be someone else. But what about the Masks we wear EVERY OTHER day of the year?

Who are we pretending to be?

Are we afraid that if we were just OURSELVES, people wouldn't like us anymore?

Can we find the courage to only wear Masks ONE day a year - on Halloween - and be our true, authentic selves the other 364 days?

Does dressing up on Halloween give us a chance to break free of the pressures to conform? Is there a lesson we can learn on this day of Masks, that can help us be truer to ourselves and live without Masks the rest of the year?

What do you think? And who are YOU going to dress up as?

Discuss it with your GSA - or join in the community at your Gay-Straight Alliance right here, and talk about it in comments!

Have a great Halloween!


ps- The mask pictured above was made by JF in Australia! Click here to go to JF's blog and check it out.

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