Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Levi Johnston is Sarah Palin's Daughter's Baby's Daddy. But More Important Than That: He's 19 and NOT Registered to VOTE!

The young couple.

Highlights from this week's AP interview with Levi Johnston [click here for the full interview]:

Levi likes to hunt (bears, sheep, elk, and caribou.) No mention of moose.

He's dated Bristol since they were Freshmen in High School. Says they had talked about getting married long before the surprise.

Their baby is due December 18 - he'd like a boy so he could take him fishing and hunting.

He just dropped out of High school (skipping his senior year and not graduating) to become an apprentice electrician.

Barack Obama"seems like a good guy."

He can't vote because he didn't register.

He still hopes his future mother-in-law wins.


How in the world can that be possible?

How could you not CARE enough about this election to register to vote, when YOU ARE INVOLVED - HECK, A MEMBER, of one of the 4 families running to lead this country????

My intent here is not to shame Levi, but really - what is up with this? How could he not WANT to vote???

Is voting not private enough in Wasilla, Alaska? Is he afraid the Palins would find out if he voted for Obama? Is it just easier to pretend to be a "disaffected" Teen and act like he doesn't care?

How can't he care?

The A.P. article quotes him:

"I just hope she wins," he said. "She's my future mother-in-law. She better win."

But really - if he did hope that, why wouldn't he want to VOTE?

Hoping someone wins is not a PLAN to help them win. Only VOTES get counted - not thoughts, or wishes, or good intentions.

For all of our sakes - let's all register and VOTE.

Because I really can't believe there are Teenagers (or anyone out there for that matter) who know and understand what's at stake and still don't care what happens.

I care.

I know YOU care.

So register right now, if you haven't yet.

And VOTE!!!

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