Friday, October 24, 2008

Love Rules

By Marilyn Reynolds

Lynn's best friend Kit comes back from summer vacation and comes out as a Lesbian.

Lynn struggles at first with understanding and accepting her friend, but ends up being supportive as Kit starts a Gay Straight Alliance.

But Hamilton High School isn't a friendly place for GLBTQ teens, or for anyone different: Lynn is dating a Black athlete and she's getting a lot of flack for that as well.

As the homophobia and racism escalate, the two friends have to fight to make it through Senior Year.

"Love Rules" is the 8th book in the "True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High."

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Barbara Shoup said...

Just what you need, but here's another book to check out for this category: My Tiki Girl by Jennifer McMahon. I LOVE it! (Reviewed Sept 5 on my blog)


Sarah Laurenson said...

This looks very interesting. It's on my must read list now.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Thanks Barb, I'll check out "My Tiki Girl"


Anonymous said...

i just found out my best friend was gay last year and found it strange at first but now she is the coolest person i know!