Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out Of Order

by Robin Stevenson

Moving to a new town and starting 10th grade in a new school seems like a perfect chance for Sophie to re-invent herself, and leave her troubles (like being bullied and not liking her body) behind.

She makes friends with Zelia, a smoking, busking rebel who takes Sophie out of her comfort zone.

Then Sophie becomes friends with Max, a girl who seems the opposite of Zelia, but Max pushes Sophie's buttons in a different way.

Ultimately, Sophie realizes that just because she's moved to a new place, she, and her problems, are still with her. And she has to deal with the biggest challenge of all - accepting herself for who she is!

It's fun to note that this was Robin's debut novel!

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Pat Schmatz said...

OH!! I love Out of Order. I had the privilege of watching this story gradually morph from a short story to a novel. Stevenson is a gutsy, honest writer and the book is a good flowing read. She really nails the complications of relationships in high school, and the ever-shifting realities of what's cool and what's not.

Plus, if you're a horse lover, it has some wonderful sensory-rich horsey scenes.