Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Screwed Up Life Of Charlie The Second

By Drew Ferguson

Charlie is 17, Gay, and Lutheran. And he's a geek.

He's flunked his driving test six times.

He's regularly humiliated at school.

He's ignored on the soccer field.

His Dad (Charles James Stewart the First) is running for public office.

And all Charlie the Second is trying to do is get through his Senior Year and figure out his college application essay. But what drives him the most crazy is that while everyone else is pairing off, he's alone.

Then suddenly, wonderfully, Charlie the Second falls in love with another guy! That's when everything changes...

It's fun to note that this is Drew's debut novel!

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Anonymous said...

"Lutheran" and "geek" tend to go together....

KIDDING. Kidding. I'm a snobby United Methodist, just ignore me.

On the lookout for this book now - I had wanted to name my second child Charlie but she turned out to be a Lily instead.....

Anonymous said...

Oooo! I LOVED this book. Lemme go find my review of it:

Hmm, it's very long, so here's the link to it instead (includes an interview with Drew too!):

By the way, are you on myspace? Feel free to add me, if you want!

Anonymous said...

Since you asked so nicely, here is the full review (well, not including the summary):

"Just putting this out there right away, this book is VERY explicit when it comes to sexual matters, particularly solo and with another guy. It is pretty much erotica with plot, and I do mean that in the best way possible because I really did enjoy this book. However, I do think that it pretty much limits the audience due to the amount and detail of sex that happens throughout the book. While I had no problem with it (being a gay man myself), it may make other people uncomfortable reading it. But aside from that, this is a really good book and does handle the various issues it raises very well. Charlie is a character that I relate to pretty well, and some of his thoughts regarding overall issues, such as say, first times in the bedroom, are very similar to my own. He's also very sarcastic and funny, which made the book such a pleasure to read since it's all told through his journal writings. Also, there are a lot of "Awww" moments throughout the book, which were very sweet and romantic and did actually make me say "Aww" out loud several times. While I do like the ending that's there, it's not the one that I would've picked or wanted, but it is the most realistic, so I'm not terribly upset by it. But it does end on a good note, which is always a good thing. Definitely recommended if you don't mind a large quantity of gay sex scenes, and obviously, this will be found in the adult fiction section."

There you go. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i loved this book as well. definitely worth reading. :)


Anonymous said...

Relocated review from "Kyle" on 5/11/09

"The book is wonderful, well written, and Charlie is one of the most true-to-life gay characters I've seen in a teen novel in a long time. I hope you have a chance to read it soon!!"

Patty O' Furniture said...

You know, i was kind of sceptical at first (especially whilst reading about charlie's idyliic original relationship), but as it branched off into more complicated plot twists i really began to like this charlie guy. although i underestimated the amount of really explicit sex there is in it. i didn't mind, but my 12 year old sister read it without me knowing and now my mom's making ME deal with all her questions!
*sigh* grwat book though. i liked the description of a lutheran sermon, being one myself and totally agreeing.