Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Happened To Lani Garver?

By Carol Plum-Ucci

Claire tries to hide what's different about her to fit in. It's hard, because she's back after missing a year of school when she was sick with Leukemia. And she has an eating disorder. And nightmares. But she hides all that and more from the cheerleaders and the brutal "fish frat" (sons of the local fishermen.)

But when Lani Garver arrives on Hackett Island, everyone's shocked. Is the new kid a girl? A boy? They can't figure Lani out, and while everyone else gears up to crucify Lani, Claire ends up becoming friends with the outcast.

And as Lani helps Claire pull her life together, Claire starts to wonder - Is it possible Lani's not a girl OR a boy, but maybe... an Angel?

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ReadWriteGo said...

I really liked this book. I still think about it every once in a while because it struck a nerve for me.