Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Comment Challenge: Day 7 Check-In! How y'all doin'?


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Ah, the interconnectedness of all things, including US!

Yes, the Kidlitosphere is a chummier, more in-tune-with-ourselves place in the last seven days. And it's all because YOU are joining in, fingers a-blazin' with comments, comments, comments!

So let's check in.

How are you doing?

Is it easier than you thought?


Are you going to the same sites day after day?

How are you finding new sites?

Are you thinking about your own blog's "link" list?

Any stale links you've found?

What about great sites you never heard of before?


Here's my report:

How I did with commenting:
I did really good for the first two days (5 comments a day). But this past weekend was nuts, and I don't think I even made it to my computer. So I played make-up on Monday (13 comments) and Tuesday (7 comments) so I'm all caught up. Today I only have to comment 5 times to stay on schedule, but I think with my weekend coming up, I may try to get ahead of the game so I don't fall behind again...

What I learned:
I need to be better about my time management. It's fun to visit sites and comment, but I have to get the tofu and potatoes of my working day done FIRST - I had a few days there where I ran out of time to write and work on my book (that's bad, since I'm a writer) because I had spent so much time commenting and blogging and emailing... Yesterday I did better.

Another productivity tip I'm going to try is turning my e-mail off for bigger periods throughout the day. I think it might be good if I'm not so constantly distracted when the darn thing "pings!" (Like I expect to be notified of winning the lottery via e-mail, or something like that!)

What inspired me:
I found a site that combined the author's passion for needlework with their passion for writing and reading, and they'd come up with a project for people to hand-stitch bookmarks and then donate them to libraries. Last year they donated over 600 hand-made bookmarks. I thought that was super-cool, how Jen managed to take two passions and find a comfortable place for herself where they met. (It was here - Needle And ThREAD: Stitching For Literacy!)

What super-inspired me:
How many of YOU joined in "The Comment Challenge." (67 of you are on the master list here! If you're not, go add yourself via a comment!)

Almost everywhere I go to read a blog, it seems comments are UP - and people are having fun.

And as I just mentioned, Mother Reader is keeping the master list of who's signed up to participate at her amazing blog. And no, you don't have to sign in to be part of this, but it's a way for us to track who's in and who's reaching the goal of 100 comments in 21 days - we have to figure out who's gonna be eligible for the prize drawings, after all!

Hint: That list is a GREAT source to link around and find super blogs to comment on...

So tell me here in comments, or tell Mother Reader, How's it going?


Tricia said...

Hi Lee,
I am commenting on lots of my old favorites that I have neglected. You know the ones--I read them every day, yet rarely take the time to tell them what great job they're doing.

I also have found a number of new blogs, some from the master list, but most from folks who have left me comments. If I haven't recognized the name, I've gone back, checked out their blog, and said thanks for stopping by.

It's been fun, but time consuming. I can't seem to leave short comments! (As evidenced here!)

In the last six days (I'm not counting today) I have made 43 comments! Whew!

Thanks for inspiring us out of complacency.

MotherReader said...

How funny is it that I went with the same sort of title for my post: Comment Challenge Check-in: How Ya Doin'.

We are so twins separated at birth. Wonder Twins powers ACTIVATE!

Suzanne Young said...

Well, the inspiration is easy. You inspire me!!!

And... you've even inspired me to make some chocolate chip cookies!!!

Those look yummy!!!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

It's turning out to be more of a challenge than I thought. I usually leave lots of comments, but I don't do so every day. That's been a bit hard for me.

For the most part, I've been going to sites on my own link list. I've set it up so it rearranges itself whenever one of the sites updates.

I have also used the master list of participants on this blog and found a few new sites.

Anonymous said...

It's an especially busy month for me, but I've definitely been swept up in the tide. It's true that because I'm visiting more than my usual blogs, I'm actually lurking more than before the Challenge, but I'm also commenting substantially more. (I've been coming here since the Challenge started, but this is my first comment--bwa-ha-ha!)

I'll admit that one of the reasons I'm able to comment on unknown and/or uber-cool blogs where I don't really know the writer is that Everyone is doing this, so if I say something kinda stupid or redundant or irrelevant, folks look at it now and say, "Well, she's trying, poor thing."

Seriously. That helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I wanted to say--dang! Those cookies look good!

I've given up cooking for more time to NaNo, and the food scene is bleak around here. I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

We joined late but have made it to 5 comments each day.

We're giving away three copies of The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia by Laura Miller at Book Dads.

Mary Lee said...

The 21 Day Comment Challenge been a blast! I started a day late, but I've had a few over-achieving days that have brought my average up to just over 5 comments per day. I have been using a combination of my GoogleReader, the links in our sidebar that aren't on my reader page, and random links I've picked up from various sidebars.

Thanks for more great graphics to illustrate the connections we're making!

Sarah Laurenson said...

The every day thing is difficult, especially since I tried to complicate it (as I do everything else). I'm tracking back to blogs I've already commented on and trying to keep up there while finding a new one or two to add to the list. Adding that to the multitudes I check regularly is making this a bit problematic. I think I've hit my saturation point and won't be exploring new ones for a little while.

The thread project is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, Trying to comment in new places. Time management has been my issues but I think I am on track. It is really fun to see the new blogs and to be a consistent visitor at blogs I know. Thankd for coming up with this idea. Question: Who will continue once the challenge is over?

holly cupala said...

Lee, I took your suggestion and posted my stops! Hope some people will have fun finding new places to discover.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Hi Lee! Just want to say hello and tell you I'm inspired to bake some cookies later.

The comment challenge has been great. I'm learning about new blogs and catching up with old friends.

Anonymous said...

A great idea to post where you're commenting!

I just wrote a new post specifically with the comment challenge in mind. I'm seeking your opinions on picture book length. Be sure to chime in!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

I just started yesterday so playing catch up
Wed - 7
Thurs 9
I too must watch my time. I could get lost in blogger land.
Shelli (Market My Words)