Monday, December 1, 2008

Bitchin' Queer Poems - All the great stuff so far!

Scroll down and click on the post titles to read the work of these amazing poets!

Sappho! Lesbian Poet of Ancient Fame

Rumi -

My Blog's very first "Great Queer Poem"


Three More Amazing poems by Rumi


More "essential" Rumi!

Quentin Crisp's World War Two Gay Experiences in London: Poetry where you don't expect it!

I Love Gay Poetry! Walt Whitman's "We Two boys Together Clinging" From Calamus


Celebrate Gay Poetry! Walt Whitman's "Calamus"


Walt Whitman Uncensored! His early Gay experience and the Poem through which it sang through him: "Once I pass'd Through A Populous City"

SHAKESPEARE: The Bisexual Poet and his Two Loves!

Celebrate Gay Poetry! Dennis Cooper's "James Kelly"

Poems can be Laser-like, cutting to the core: Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet"

Celebrate Ancient Epic Gay Poetry! Homer's "The Iliad"

GAY POETRY IS ALIVE! Steven Reigns' "Joe!"

Lord Byron's Love Poems to John Edleston

Muhammed Shams ud-din Hafiz, Drunk with Pleasure

And some more:

A Gay Joke for National Poetry Month

Celebrate Gay Poetry! Robert Friend's "Shirts"

A Gay Pocahontas? A Beautiful Native American Man IS a Poem in Theodore Winthrop's "John Brent!"

CELEBRATING YOUR POEMS! "For Him, Disappearing Before Dawn" by j.e. robinson

YOUR favorite Queer Poems: Mark Doty's "TIARA" and CP Cavafy's "THE GOD ABANDONS ANTONY"

Maurice Kenny (Mohawk)'s Poem on the role of Gay men in Native American tribal life and history.

Celebrate Bisexual Poetry! Rumi's "The King and The Handmaiden and The Doctor"

Celebrate Lesbian Poetry! Paula Gunn Allen's "Some Like Indians Endure"

Jacqueline Lapidus' breath-taking Lesbian poem, "Athens"

Celebrate Transgender Poetry! Aaron Shurin's "Woman on Fire"

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