Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everywhere Babies

By Susan Meyers, illustrated by Marla Frazee

In a sweet, rolling rhythm we delight as

"Every day, everywhere, babies are dressed"




What rocks my world about this board book is how the illustrator, Marla Frazee, included images of two mom families and two dad families amidst the variety of families who hug, feed, walk, and love their babies.

Including our families in such a lovely book for the smallest children among us is wondrous and powerful, and I read it every so often, just to remind myself of how there's so much good out there in the world, for the babies of today and tomorrow to discover.

So, for a great New Year, and for all the babies already here and those yet to come, and for those of us who need to read this to heal and bless OUR inner babies...

This timeless book is a gift.

A wonderful, timely gift for all of us, for the New Year of 2009.

It fills me with hope. And makes me smile.

Thank you Susan.

And especially, Thank You Marla!

To have had this read to me when I was a baby, to grow up knowing that some gay men grow up to be fathers, and have babies of their own... It would have changed my whole view of life. I would have known that I too, as a Gay man, have a place in the "Circle Of Life" and it would, perhaps, have saved me years of inner turmoil.

I so wish I had had "Everywhere Babies" read to me when I was a Kid.

And now, it's a book I get to share with MY daughter.

And that truly ROCKS my world.

I hope you let it ROCK yours!


Anonymous said...

Yay - this is a perfect gift for my friends with little ones - thanks!!

Michele Thornton said...

I love this book! Another favorite Frazee book of mine is Seven Silly Eaters. She's a wonderful illustrator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this book Lee, it sounds great.
We're going to look for it to read and review at our site.