Monday, December 1, 2008

Hidden Gay History (and Herstory!)

After the sections on Queer Evolution and Super-Famous People you maybe didn't know were GLBTQ, I've organized this listing of posts loosely by geography. There's a cool section on hidden gay history in the Bible, and my first Theme week, "LOVE IS..." and more AMAZING stuff (including some Transgender history) that I sure didn't learn in school. Scroll Down and click on the title of the posts to check out all these mind-blowing true stories!

Queer Evolution

Why are there Gay People? What Darwinian purpose is there to, throughout time, having 10% of humanity be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender?

Super-Famous People You Maybe Didn't Know Were Queer

Leonardo Da Vinci: He Painted the Mona Lisa, He was a Genius, and He was Gay.

SHAKESPEARE: The Bisexual Poet and his Two Loves!

Stories of Queer Americas!

Aikane and the Gay Love of Hawaii's Kings

Native American Lesbian Marriage Ceremonies, Serpent Mound, and the KOSKALAKA's special powers

"Woman Chief of the Crows," A Famous Lesbian American Indian

"Winkte" is the Sioux word for a Gay man

The First Gay Pride March!

Queer Asia!

A Queer Chinese New Year 2008!

Homosexual History in China: Emperor Ai and Dong Xian's Passion of the Cut Sleeve


SPINSTERS! China's Silk Weavers: Were they Lesbians, Feminists, or both?


Samurai Love

Queer Europe!

Proof of a Gay Marriage in Spain back in 1031 AD

Adventurers, Balloonists, and Lovers! Croce-Spinelli and Sivel

The First Known Gay SPY!

Celtic Men and the origins of the word "Horny"

Bulldike: Celtic Lesbian Warriors and Queen Boudica's War

Queer Africa!

Bisexual Pharaoh Rules 4,300 years ago!

The BIBLE Section: Hidden Gay History in the BIBLE!

Ancient Gay LOVE Story Discovered: David and Jonathan

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor... DRESS? Cross-Dressing in the Bible


The Homoerotic (and Naked!) Ecstacy of the Prophets of Ancient Israel


More Biblical Homoeroticism: The Prophet Elisha and his Resurrection of a boy/youth


Even More Biblical Homoeroticism: The Love Story (and Lesbian Marriage!) of Ruth and Naomi


Ruth and Naomi - What Happened Next to our Favorite Biblical Lesbians?

GREAT GAY LOVES: A 2009 Valentine's Week Celebration!

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas

Gertrude Stein reads one of her poems

Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears

Gladys Bentley's Same-Gender Marriage... in the 1920s!

LOVE IS... Theme Week!

LOVE IS... Two Saris Together

LOVE IS... World War II Soldiers Kissing

LOVE IS...Drunk with Pleasure, Like the Islamic Poet Muhammed Shams ud-din Hafiz

LOVE IS... The Train Station Good-bye Cliche - but OUR Cliche, this time.

LOVE IS... The Ladies Of Llangollen: A Romantic Friendship of Passion

Transgender Stories From the Past!

Tiresias: Gender Outlaw in Greek Mythology

New additions (as of Sept, 2015)

Mia Yamamoto – a Transgender Heroine

Moms Mabley – The original queen of comedy and a gender non-conforming, woman-loving woman and Black Pioneer

New Gender 101 Video: Episode 37: Sylvia Rivera


Adrienne said...

I do believe you forgot Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. (Composer of the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, the 1812 Overture, among other world-famous pieces)
He was one of the world's greatest classical composers, and was gay.

(I'd just like to make a note that I'm proud to be a bisexual teenage classical musician. ^_^ )

Adrienne said...
(another Tchaikovsky link containing love-letters. I love how at the end of each letter, he writes "I embrace you," or "I embrace you with all my love," or "I embrace you to suffocation!"
So sweet!)

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

THAT'S GREAT! I can't wait to feature Tchaikovsky in his own post! Thanks for letting me know about it!

J. Ashland said...

It's only widespread theory at this point, but it's possible that American president James Buchanan was gay as well. See

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

J.Ashland - that's really interesting about Buchanan! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I do believe Achilles and Oscar Wilde were gay...