Friday, December 5, 2008

Magic's Price

By Mercedes Lackey

In this third and final book in "The Last Herald-Mage Series," Vanyel has a gay love interest in Stefen.

He has an opponent, a master who wields a dark and forbidding magic.

And only Vanyel, the last Herald-Mage, and his "horse" companion Yfandes, can save the kingdom of Valdemar.

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Hayden Thorne said...

Okay, you just made me go out and buy all three books in Lackey's Last Herald-Mage series. You're such an enabler, Lee.

michaeldmobley said...

I enjoyed reading this series several years ago. I really like the way that sexuality was a part of the story but not the story.

Sarah Laurenson said...

OK. I just had to pop in and put my support for this series in this last post. Most of the Valdemar books are great.

And I really appreciate your blog and the way you are keeping us readers abreast of the books with gay content, gay characters, etc.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Thanks Sarah for your kind words (and Thanks Hayden for your sweet saracsm!)

It's been wonderful to see this blog grow and thrive and become not just a resource but a community of like-minded enthusiasts about Gay YA Lit - and for that I have to thank all my dedicated readers and participants... including the two of you!

So thank you!


Rita said...

This trilogy has held a special, special place in my heart ever since I read it in early college. The love was so tender, so real. I'm anxious to reread it and see what I think today!

(I will report back!)

Anonymous said...

I read the trilogy and though I liked how the main character's sexuality was a topic but not the main focus I have one major issue with the last book: (minor spoiler warning) a somewhat explicit serial rape scene that was wholly unnecessary in its brutality and triggering. I have very little patience for rape scenes as a plot device and honestly this ruined all three books for me. Additionally I found some parts too schmaltzy and not at all written well. The whole world building on the other side was excellent! I really enjoyed anything magical and also the well thought-out imagery. Still, taking everything into account, I would not recommend these books and will not read anything else by this particular author.