Monday, December 1, 2008

On Culture, Gay Culture, Sports, and American Idol!

Christian Bale, Tom Daschle, and Michael Phelps - When Idols Fall: Our National Pastime

National Coming Out Day: Saturday October 11, 2008 - A Day To Count My Blessings!

9/11 and our culture of fear: Let's say NO to fear and YES to Living with Joy and Passion!

Superheroes: Were their outfits telling us they were GAY all along?

The World Is Changing - Part 1: The Gay Kiss To Sell Mayonnaise

My Gayest Look: Jay Leno's Gaffe & Ryan Phillippe's Missed Opportunity

On Veteran's Day, Gay Soldiers, and the MYTH of Gay Sissyhood

On Banned Books Week and GLBTQ Teen Novels

On The Olympics and Gay Athletes!


Lesbian GOLD at the 2008 Bejing Summer Olympics!!!

Eleven Olympians Who Get Our Gold Medals For Being Proud and OUT Athletes in Bejing!

GLBTQ Safe Schools!

Donating Gay (&LBTQ) books to a Junior High School Library? How to Honor the Memory of Larry (Lawrence) King. A Negotiated Solution...

Responding to The Tragedy of Lawrence King: What Can We Do When A Gay 15 year old boy is Murdered by another student?

The Day of Silence for GLBTQ-Safe Schools! (Here's What I have to say)

The National Day of Silence: Teen-Led Civil Disobedience to address Homophobia in Schools and our Culture!

American Idol 2009

This Gay Week On American Idol: So Just How Gay Is This Season Going To Get?

American Idol 2008

American Idol HUG OF SHAME: David Archuleta, Fans, and the Heterosexist Machinery of FAME

Friday Morning Quarterbacking on David Hernandez - Would Being More OUT Have Helped?

American Idol Thoughts #2: Why Danny Noriega Makes Me So Swishily Uncomfortable: How I Need to Embrace My Inner (and outer) Sissy

Calling all American Idol-Aholics! Here are 4 steps to Full Recovery

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