Monday, December 1, 2008

On Politics, Equality, and Same Gender Marriage

Why We Lost Prop 8 and How We Can Win Gay Civil Rights and Marriage Equality – A Countdown of Political New Year's Resolutions!

#6: Words Have Power

#5: Out of the Closet

#4: Civil Rights & God

#3: History

#2: Precedent

#1: Defense

Know Your Enemy. Conservative Religious Leaders call for a 40 Day FAST to take away California's Same Sex Marriage Rights


He's My Husband!

A Same Sex Wedding Quiz: Why is the Ring Finger the RING Finger? And what does that have to do with Reflexology?

Same Sex Marriage: What the World Needs Now!

Majority Rules: Gay Marriage, Super-Delegates, and the TRUE meaning of Democracy

Countdown to Gay Marriage in California - Our Love Gets Some Respect, back in 100 B.C., and Tomorrow, too!

My President. Your President. Our President... Barack Obama!!!

Barack Obama and John McCain on Gay Marriage - And Why I Can't Hold A Bake Sale

The Inauguration of President Obama - A Place at the Table for Gay Americans!

On Equality

(Martin Luther King, Jr., a Hero of Equality and Justice for All)

Do Native Americans Celebrate Independence Day? Prejudice in the Declaration of Independence

California Court Allows Christian School to expel lesbian students: Is that what Jesus would do?

The Blog The Vote Project

Straight Guys Think, Feel, and Vote, Too!

Ethics, Lawn Signs, and Machievelli's Theory Put To The Test: "Do The Ends Justify The Means?"

MASKS and THE TRUTH: "Trick or Treat?" Where Halloween and Politics collide!

BLOG the VOTE! Vote NO on Prop 8 - listen to Teenagers Who KNOW what's at stake!

BLOG THE VOTE! Prop. 8 - California's Anti-Same-Gender (Same-Sex) Marriage Voter Referendum

BLOG THE VOTE! Another Reason To Vote: PROP 8 in California - A Majority Vote On Adding Discrimination Into the CA Constitution

Levi Johnston is Sarah Palin's Daughter's Baby's Daddy. But More Important Than That: He's 19 and NOT Registered to VOTE!

BLOG THE VOTE! The U.S. Supreme Court is why you've gotta vote on Nov 4!

BLOG THE VOTE! (Why it's so important to register and to vote on Nov 4, and what us BLOGGERS can do to get the word out!)

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