Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why We Lost Prop 8 and How We Can Win Gay Civil Rights and Marriage Equality – A Countdown of Political New Year's Resolutions! #5: Out of the Closet

Reason Five: Let's Get Out Of The Closet!

It’s hard to fight for Same-Gender marriage when the ad campaigns don’t feature any Same-Gender couples or any families headed by Same-Gender parents. Where were the images of our families: laughing, at the beach, preparing a holiday meal, waiting for the school bus, standing in line to vote?

The main commercials of the campaign featured a straight latina who gets blocked from getting down the aisle to her waiting fiance, elderly parents of a grown lesbian, and lots of TV screens talking about the other sides' lies.

And when the opposition featured an ad with a child coming home from school all excited about having read “King and King,” a picture book about how a Prince falls in love with and marries another Prince, instead of arguing that Prop 8 doesn’t say anything about teaching children in school about Same-Gender marriage (as if we were agreeing that was a bad thing), we should have been saying “YES! Public schools should teach what is going on in the real world.”

Because legal status or not, and despite all the Disney movies with their heteronormative Happily Ever Afters, we are living our Same-Gender Happily Ever Afters right now.

If parents prefer to keep their kids learning about creationism and heteroSEXual marriage, (see how your mind went to “Sex” there?) they can choose a private religious school for their children’s education.

New Years Resolution: Let's come OUT OF THE CLOSET. In the fight for legal recognition of our relationships, we must show our relationships and show our families. Let's be ourselves, be OUT, and have pride in who we are.


Sarah Laurenson said...

I'm enjoying your countdown.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

thanks Sarah!
That means a lot.

Unknown said...

I think that is one reason why we lost. The ads almost made us look like we were embarrassed to be who are. We're not.

Anonymous said...

The schools will have to teach what is going on the real world because our children are sitting in those classrooms now and talking about their families.