Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Julia

By Amy Bronwen Zemser

Elaine is kinda shy, but she's a wiz in the kitchen, where she idolizes famous chef Julia Child and whips up food masterpieces. She's even written letters to Julia, but has never dared to mail even one.

But with her new friend Lucida Sans (who named herself after the font!), Elaine gets dragged out of her shell, onto a television cooking show, and in the middle of the mess between Lucida and her "rotten fig" of a beautiful boyfriend. And suddenly, amid all the chaos, Elaine's life becomes truly... delicious!

Lucida's lesbian moms who cheer the girls on (and offer advice), and Elaine's gender non-conforming brother, Chris, make "Dear Julia" earn its spot on our virtual GLBTQ bookshelf!

Thanks to loyal blog reader and fellow blogger Rie for the recommendation!

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BookChic said...

I am too lazy right now to go find my review, but I will do it eventually. I loved this book though! :) I got it as part of HarperTeen's First Look program last fall.

Rie Selavy said...